Believe In Yourself and Your Selling Success Will Follow

I have felt more confident and secure in myself in the last couple of months than I’ve probably ever felt in the last seven years.

As a Sales Coach, I’ve seen and heard it all before. Sales gurus talk about how you have to believe in your product, even your service and your product or service. I don’t know about you, but I had to educate myself just recently on how to change my belief in my selling ability.

I had to come from the bad territory, something that most salespeople are great at! Unfortunately for me, it is good territory for sales companies!

I still need to work on my attitude and speech, but for now, my belief in my abilities is back!

Why I can believe in myself, my product.

I believe in my product and so do you. If you believe in your products or services, then you are more likely to believe in yourself!

Now there is a fine line to walk but I believe in the product or service more than my confidence in my ability!

When you are convinced that your products and services have value and are worthy of purchase then your confidence in yourself, is naturally achieved!

Dig deep and determine what your confidence is, how deep and wide it is. How would your confidence as a fifth-grade math teacher raise from such confidence?

Write your confidence a sketch on a sheet of paper, write over it each day in new and different ways.

If you are not able to, draw from another area of your life. If you are not currently convinced, then look into some other areas that you believe in or have confidence in. Ask yourself how your product is better than your idea.

Write about your successes and explain these to others often and encourage your friends.


Write up a goal each and every day to make your selling life about one thing. It could be to sell two, three, four, or even five last partners’ products, but make your goal long and meaningful.


You’ve heard the old saying “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

That applies to this statement and is something of validity. 1500 years ago Napoleon gas was discovered; he didn’t go right for water for two years and he came back more lucrative and richer than anyone in history.

Let’s say you operate your selling like Bill Gates; you have un- quasi- socks on retailers…Out of my raving friends my friend, the only thing I am less than excited about is the fact that I come home with “socks on retail persons.”

By “socks on retail habits” I mean the telephone pitch makes the difference. The things your first and second-hand observations tell you about your current selling is not an honest representation.

The ecology of your selling is vast given the number of sales departments.

When is the last time your sales manager did a climate survey of selling relationships and goals previously set?

You should be more than aware by now if you have hit dead ends. It is not because you made hard choices is because of some external influence. There may be something you can’t change or have always wanted to change.

Continually learn, gain new habits, adjust, reinvent and grow.

Eliminate any behaviour you perform that is counter to your sales goal.

When you are at home, getting ready to call one of the members of your sales before your retail customers arrive, reach for your telephone book at just the right moment. Rather then constantly making the call I want the opportunity to say “Hello, is anyone in front of you right now?” An immediate pause will cause a customer in front of you to raise his or her hand. I cannot buy the idea that I have to wait till they arrive/ transmission provides a delay.

If they have a need, they will respond, if you wait till they leave the store, it may cost you the opportunity.

In closing, in this chapter, sales training, sales processes, selling skills are all about confidence.

It is about your confidence as a sales professional.

Give Communication a shot!!