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I would love for my readers to know who I am.
Read a little bit about me and my blog here.

My Story

I’m George Ashton, a man in his early forties living in the suburbs of Milton Keynes, UK. I developed a passion for writing long after I had finished in education. It all started when I read some brilliant books on improving your life. From world-famous motivational speakers to life coaches, I have explored a lot of written work. I then took action based on advice given by these super successful people—things like meditating every day; building simple, enjoyable habits; sitting with nature and exploring this big, beautiful world. It helped me develop a calm state of mind that allowed me to create a life I love.

Believe me, I love the city life. Fast-paced and exciting, I have learnt a lot from it. But after a while, you start to crave the calmness. The silence. Taking a break from all the hustle-bustle can also be very healthy—for mind, body, and soul. That is why I spend half the year at my city job (which is managing properties and housing units), and the other half smack in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a thousand life-giving trees.

About ithegeneia.org

The word “Ithageneia” is actually of Greek origin, literally translating to—”citizenship”. It is often used to denote “indigeneity” or “indigenous person” as well, which is the meaning I want to focus on. I have always been interested in learning how the people of old lived their lives. From what I have read and researched these past couple of years, most indigenous cultures around the world had healthy lives that they lived in harmony with nature. Medicinal herbs, natural sources of nutrition, plenty of physical activity, and of course, many, many stories and laughter shared amongst the community. They thrived.

My one wish for this life of mine is to live at least a part of my life that way. And I also want as many people to get into this lifestyle too. That’s why I hope to make this blog space one that helps people live their best lives. Let us all be healthy, happy, and free!


All the articles I post are often inspired by experiences that I have had in my own life, or ones I have heard from family and very close friends. I believe in the power of storytelling and sharing experiences, and genuinely hope that my readers resonate with what I write. I hope you take away something interesting and useful from here.

Genuine Interaction

I am sort of a people person. I love speaking to anybody and listening to their unique stories and experiences. One of the main ideas behind this blog is to get to know more people (that is, you, my readers!) and not only share my stories with them, but also hear some of theirs and expand my worldview in the process.

Unique Discoveries

From learning about cultures around the world, to discovering the latest podcasts about well-being or life in general, I love mind expanding experiences. A little bit of travel has given me a thirst for this kind of learning, where I can marvel at the vastness and diversity of the world. We have much to discover together!

Got any ideas? Message me!

Maybe you’ve got some awesome article topics. I would love to hear your suggestions and write about it. Maybe you have questions about something you read. No matter what it is, get in touch with me—let’s interact.